Cama Médica con Sistema Inteligente y Regulable a Múltiples Posiciones

SmartBed patent.

Design and Implementation of a Mechatronic SmartBed for Improved Rehabilitation

The details of the design and development process of the SmartBed, with special focus on the interactive user interface is presented.

Hospital Smart Care Beds for Motor-Disabled Patients (Bachelor's Thesis)

The following thesis work proposes the design of a robust and programmable hospital bed, of easy handling, that can be controlled by voice and a graphic interface.

Design of a Low Cost Non-Actuated Support Arm

The present study shows the concept of a novel design of a non-actuated support arm for use as third arm.

Low Cost Flexible Robot Manipulator for Pick and Place Tasks

The present study reports a novel concept for flexible robot manipulators focusing in low cost construction.

IREP: an Interactive Robotics Education Program for Undergraduate Studets

IREP is an Interactive Robotics Education Program that aims to integrate basic concepts of Mechatronics, Electronics, and Computer Science for undergraduate engineering students in Peru