Data Aquisition Module Study (DAMS) at MDRS


The Data Acquisition Module Study (DAMS) is a research project developed by members of Crew 126 – Team Peru at The Mars Society’s Mars Desert Research Station. The main objective of this project was to assess the effectiveness of a modular system for early data acquisition and personnel positioning on a Mars-like environment. DAMS provides a method to acquire weather data and determine the exact position of crewmembers on a planetary surface. A GPS system will be ideal for positioning, but it will take time to develop and deploy an operational system on another planet. DAMS is intended to provide a fast, inexpensive and portable system of positioning and weather acquisition by using a modular structure to share and fetch data, ideal for early planetary surface expeditions. This project is still on the beginning phases of design; in this regard, the testing during MDRS Crew 126 focused on the overall networking communication approach. This paper summarizes the DAMS research performed during MDRS Crew 126, describes the design approach, and provides recommendations for follow up research.

In 16th Annual International Mars Society Convention
Eiji Onchi
Eiji Onchi
Space Production Engineer
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