Mirror of Desires

This is a mirror that makes you go to a dream place where your inner desires rain over you.

Design Process

We started with a basic sketch of the concept we wanted to convey. We wanted to create a distinct space were all your senses knew the moment you step into this dream world.

We settled on having a soft surface, ambient music, and a magic “mirror” that will show your inner desires.

Body Tracking

For this project, I was in charge of creating the system that will track the body position of people and transpose them to another place. I settled on using an XBOX Kinect v1 and Processing.

After tracking key points of the body, I programmed a “dream zone” where the system will display objects pouring down on you.

The skeleton and objects have a collision area that let’s you interact with your surroundings as long as you are standing inside the “dream zone”.

Eiji Onchi
Eiji Onchi
Space Production Engineer
PhD. in Kansei Science

Kansei designer and Mechatronic engineer, learning something new everyday.